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Thank you to the person who wrote this article, for getting it started. Sadly, I'm not fluent in Bislama, but from what little I understand, I'm not certain this article conforms to Wikipedia's policy of a neutral point of view. The opening line ("God i Papa blong yumi long Heven. Yumi ol pikinini blong Hem.") seems to assert or imply the existence of a god as though it were factual and uncontroversial. This would need to be corrected to reflect the diversity of views on the topic. I'm aware that many ni-Vanuatu are Christians, and that Vanuatu is "founded on God", but this is an international encyclopedia; despite being in Bislama, it should not reflect solely a ni-Vanuatu point of view. Aridd 20:50, 8 Februari 2009 (UTC)

  • In the 21. century it's hard to POV pushing as most of people try to have own opinion on whatever... Trying to reflect secular or even strictly secular POV as you're probably expecting, we're risking not to attract local readers to sharing knowledge as they don't want to be confused by what they consider wrong and shocking. Do not forget that exactly missionaries helped ni-Vanuatu becoming literate and civilized. --Wolverène (talk) 05:28, 16 Oktoba 2019 (UTC)