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Mi mi no wantem rabemaot samting ya yet, be maet mi save putum samsamting long pej ya bambae. Fastaem me luk long hed blong mi mekem se i no hed blong nawita. Hemia nao, olsem wanem? Maet yu yu luk long websaet ya [Tru Toktok long Baebol]

Orthography (olsem wanem oli raetem Bislama long wiki)[edit source]

Mi no save toktok Bislama, taswe bae mi raetem long Inglis, mi sori tumas: I've noticed that the orthography used here differs a lot from the written material I have on Bislama. Are there any general principles on orthography that are supposed to be followed here (like putting a space between reduplicated elements, as in "tok tok" pro "toktok")? If so, what are they, and shouldn't there be a page somewhere that lists them? - Cymydog Naakka 08:24, 5 Jan 2005 (UTC)

I'm not entirely sure, but I think it's by the official standards of Vanuatu.

If in doubt, maybe just follow the orthography patterns found on Tam Tam. --Jonsafari 19:33, 29 October 2005 (UTC)

Mi save toktok long Bislama[edit source]

be mi no save pej ia. mi wantem mekem wan niufala artikel long wikkipedia long Bislama no mi save hao nao mekem wan samting ia. Maet be i kat wan button no mi no findem em.

Is there a sysop for Bislama? / I gat "sysop" blong Wikipedia long Bislama?[edit source]

I think that the Bislama-speaking people would have an easier time editing and creating pages if the buttons and logo and things were changed to Bislama. I'm not very good with Bislama, but I think this is what the links might change to:

  • Article -> Atikel
  • Discussion -> Toktok
  • Edit -> Yu jenisim hia ("You change this"--this could probably be changed to "i jenisim hia" or just to "jenisim")
  • History -> Olgeta ol pej ("all old pages")
  • Main Page -> Nambawan Pej ("number one page")
  • Help -> Help

Also, someone really does need to go and make sure the help page explains how to do things like creating pages. Yeah, that's all I got.

Bot status for PipepBot[edit source]

Hello! I ask for permission to run my interwiki bot PipepBot here, and to get a bot flag for it.

  • Operator: it:User:Pipep
  • Purpose: Interwiki
  • Software: Pywikipedia
  • Has bot flag at: als, am, an, ar, arc, ast, av, az, bat-smg, be, be-x-old, bn, bpy, bs, bug, ca, ce, ceb, co, cs, cu, cv, da, de, eml, en, eo, et, fo, fr, frp, fur, fy, ga, gd, haw, hr, hsb, ht, hu, hy, id, ie, ilo, io, is, ja, ka, kk, ksh, ku, kw, la, lb, li, lij, ln, lt, lv, mi, mk, ml, ms, nap, nds, nds-nl, nn, no, oc, pl, pms, qu, rm, rmy, ro, roa-tara, ru-sib, sc, scn, sco, sh, si, simple, sk, sl, sq, sr, su, sv, te, th, tl, udm, uk, uz, vec, vls, vo, wa, wo, wuu, yi, yo, zea, zh, zh-classical, zh-yue
  • Details: Interwiki using Pywikipediabot. It mostly runs manually assisted. May run automatically in some cases.

Thank you! --it:User:Pipep 19:42, 30 August 2007 (UTC)

PipepBot has now bot status. Thank you! it:User:Pipep 14:43, 4 Oktoba 2007 (UTC)[reply]

Hi, i request a bot bit for BotMultichill.

  • Botmaster : Multichill
  • Bot's name : BotMultichill
  • List of botflags on others wikipedias: about 100+ atm (see meta:User:Multichill for the current list)
  • Purpose: Interwiki (pywikipedia)
  • Technical details : BotMultichill is an interwiki bot starting at the Dutch wikipedia. The bot uses the pywikipedia framework and runs day and night in autonomous mode. Sometimes the bot will run in manual assisted mode to solve interwiki conflicts. Multichill 08:14, 5 September 2007 (UTC)
Already done. Jafeluv 12:02, 16 Jun 2011 (UTC)[reply]

Hi, i request a bot flag for AlleborgoBot

  • Operator: Alleborgo
  • Automatic or Manually Assisted: Automatic, in "-autonomous" mode. Sometimes the bot will run in manual assisted mode to solve interwiki conflicts.
  • Programming Language(s): Pywikipedia framework daily updated to the last SVN version
  • Function Summary: interwiki
  • Already has a bot flag in: ar, am, an, ast, az, bar, bat-smg, bg, br, bn, bpy, bs, ca, ceb, cs, cv, da, de, el, en, eo, es, et, eu, fa, fi, fiu-vro, fr, frp, fy, ga, gl, he, hr, hsb, ht, hu, hy, id, is, it, iu, ja, jv, ka, kk, ksh, ku, lb, li, lmo, ln, lt, lv, mk, mi, ml, mr, ms, mt, nap, nds, nds-nl, nl, nn, no, pl, pms, ps, pt, ro, roa-tara, ru, sco, sh, sk, simple, sl, sq, sr, su, sv, ta, tg, th, to, tr, tt, uk, ur, vec, vi, vls, vo, zh, zh-classical, zh-min-nan, zh-yue. On has done more than 65000 edit.

Thanks --AlleborgoBot 14:53, 2 Novemba 2007 (UTC)[reply]

Already done. Jafeluv 12:03, 16 Jun 2011 (UTC)[reply]

Bot Status for Purbo_T[edit source]

Hi, I'd like to request a bot flag for Purbo_T (contributions)

Thank you! --Purodha Blissenbach 05:06, 12 Februari 2008 (UTC)[reply]

Already done. Jafeluv 12:08, 16 Jun 2011 (UTC)[reply]

Request bot flag for Alexbot[edit source]

I request the bot flag for Alexbot:

Programming Language:Pywikipedia SVN
Functions:Interwiki(+autonomous), double redirect fix, featured article interwiki link.
Other languages:All statistics in here

Thank you--Alexsh 02:36, 21 Epril 2008 (UTC)[reply]

done--Nick1915 12:47, 24 Epril 2008 (UTC)[reply]

CarsracBot[edit source]

nl:user:Carsrac I request the botflag for my interwiki bot.

Bureaucracy => Special:Makebot/CarsracBot / meta:Steward_requests/Bot_status

  • User:CarsracBot is a pure interwiki bot, using PyWikipedia framework!
  • User:CarsracBot is operated from medium-sized Wikipedias (like li, zea, als, yo)
  • User:CarsracBot is flagged on several wikis, see that list..

thanks Carsrac 08:15, 28 Jun 2008 (UTC)[reply]

Not done -- since this is a global bot, no local flag is needed. Jafeluv 12:08, 16 Jun 2011 (UTC)[reply]

Global bots[edit source]

Hello. The standard bot policy was updated to allow global bots, which are now technically possible. These are trusted bots that will be given bot access on every wiki that allows global bots (the local policy or request page must explicitly allow them, or they won't get access on this wiki). The current requirements for global bots are:

  • a global bot must only maintain interlanguage links or fix double-redirects;
  • a global bot must have already been active on several wikis, with long-term contributions demonstrating its trustworthiness.

Does anyone object to allowing global bots on this wiki? I'll update the local policy in a week if there are no objections. Thanks. Carsrac 22:35, 7 Ogis 2008 (UTC)[reply]

Small request[edit source]

Hello! I am a Polish wikipedian and I would like to ask you for your help - writing a new article about former Polish President who won the Nobel Peace Prize in 1983 – Lech Wałęsa. I have looked for his biography in your Wikipedia but without success. Polish Wikipedians will be grateful for your help. Thank you so much in advance! PS you can find the English version of the article here. Best wishes from Poland, Patrol110 16:32, 26 Desemba 2009 (UTC)[reply]

connectivity project[edit source]

Hallo, my name is Anastasiya Lvova, I'm "duty" in Connectivity project. The essence of the "Connectivity" project is to study and enhance the coherence of Wikipedia, or, in other words, to improve hypertext navigation between articles. The project deals with deadends, isolated articles, non-categorized articles, transitivity of the category tree, etc.

We want to work with your language version, but we need configured MediaWiki:Disambiguationspage for it (with direct links to template namespace pages, for example, ru:MediaWiki:Disambiguationspage/de:MediaWiki:Disambiguationspage/fr:MediaWiki:Disambiguationspage). Is it possible to set it up for our usage?

thanks in advance, Lvova 18:37, 13 Jun 2010 (UTC)[reply]

Beat Jimmy[edit source]

Please translate this message.

The Fundraising Committee is issuing all interested community members a challenge: we want you to beat Jimmy. The appeal from Jimmy Wales and the corresponding banner have been tested head-to-head with other successful banners, and the results are clear: it's our best performing message... by a lot. This year we have a lofty fundraising goal; we need all of our banners to bring in donations like the Jimmy Appeal, but no one wants to keep the Jimmy banner up for two months. We want to run donor quotes, and other wonderful ideas, but we have to have banners that work as well as or better than the Jimmy appeal.

We've just released the highlights from a donor focus group, and the results of our donor survey. With one month to the launch of the fundraiser, the messages we test must be driven by data from our tests and surveys - we can no longer rely on instinct alone.

We've redesigned our fundraising meta pages with the Jimmy challenge; check out the survey results and propose/discuss banners that reflect these findings. Add the banners you think will 'beat Jimmy' here to be tested Tuesday October 12 against Jimmy. Keegan, WMF Fundraiser 2010 02:40, 8 Oktoba 2010 (UTC)[reply]

Wikipedia in Tatar[edit source]

Dear friends, may I ask you to add a hyperlink to our Tatar Wikipedia ( to yourr Front page. Tatars - are turkic nation living in Tatarstan Republic, second biggest nation in Russian Federation. hope to hear from you soon. sincerely yours, Muhtac 22:00, 20 Maj 2011 (UTC)[reply]

  • Operator  : Hedwig in Washington
  • Automatic or Manually Assisted : automatic
  • Programming Language(s)  : Python (pywikipedia), daily update
  • Function Summary  : Interwiki, Internationalization by removing chaos in Babel-Category so it can be used properly and easy. Double redirects will be added shortly
  • Already has a bot flag (Y/N)  : Yes: 23 Wikis so far, others pending. see here
  • Function Details  : just using the standard; parameters: -auto -all - log -catr

I humbly request bot status on this wiki in order to update Interwiki, and improve Internationalization by removing chaos in Babel so it can be used properly and easy by everyone.

Thank you for consideration! --Hedwig in Washington 20:18, 7 Septemba 2011 (UTC)[reply]